Best of Home Décor Trends for Autumn 2019

As the summer finally winds down and we welcome the new autumn season, you may find yourself experiencing that all-too-familiar itch to redecorate and revitalize your home to reflect the change in season. There is, of course, no better time to break out the cozy home furnishings and warm accents to celebrate the arrival of autumn.

Whether you’re looking to embark upon a complete home overhaul, or simply a partial refresh, you’ll want to ensure you’re on-trend with the current home décor trends and must-haves of the seasons. Below are five of these trends, which you can pull from to help refresh your space this fall.


Redefined Glam

Give your home the ultimate luxe overhaul or refresh by implementing key pieces part of this trend. Key colours include: dusty rose, ochre and brushed gold, while key materials include: velvet, marble, brass, and detailed or brushed glass. The ethos of the trend is to exude decadence through both minimalist and Art Deco-inspired lighting and furniture. When choosing light fixtures, both overhanging lights and table lamps should be ornate, while your furniture should include sumptuous, rounded edges. The nods to the Art Deco era are sensible, yet playful and opulent and include such details as faceted fronts, geometric detailing, gilding and pattern. Look for key pieces, such as cabinets, sofas, lighting and other accessories that incorporate these key style elements.

On your walls, you can consider choosing a bold patterned wallpaper either for your entire room or to create an accent wall. However, if wallpaper isn’t your thing, a less permanent (and hassle-free) option is to include bold pieces of artwork or other wall coverings and a statement rug. When choosing furniture, think velvet sofas, accent chairs or pillows for your living room or bedroom, offset by interesting light fixtures, and polished off with an ornate bar cart or drink trolley. Staying in is the new going out after all, and this trend makes it easy to do so, especially as the temperatures drop. The final piece to complete this trend is a good cocktail in hand.

Modern Revival

Taking cues from the proverbial summer that never ends, this trend embraces natural materials and craftsmanship. Key colours include pale grey, oatmeal, charcoal, worn black and rusty red, while key materials include: earthenware, wool, wicker, and rattan. The ethos of this trend harkens back to our natural roots and the idea of bringing outdoor elements indoors. As such, it’s a great transitional trend that can incorporate many summer elements into your home. If this trend seems like the one for you, look for furniture in neutral shades that act as a good backdrop for pops of colour in your accessories. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching your furniture, as well as materials and prints. This can include bringing in outdoor elements, such as using wicker chairs in place of traditional dining room chairs; and incorporating rattan accents in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

When choosing accessories, choose pieces that naturally have imperfections so as to inject some personality and the idea that your décor hasn’t been over-thought. Your home is meant to tell a story, and this trend encourages you to inject your family’s story through your choices in furnishings and décor.

Transitioning your home from summer to fall has never been easier. Many of these trends can be easily implemented using your current furniture, and simply require a little imagination to be brought to life. There are, however, a number of stylish home décor pieces available to help spruce up your space just in time for autumn.


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